Upcoming Events

Can Food Drive

-Starting on Monday, October 15th, our school will be starting the can food drive. Make sure to bring some cans or non-perishable foods to your 2nd period class! The class and club with the most cans and non-perishable items gets a pizza party!

-From November 5th through the 9th, we will be having activities in the science quad, including pie a teacher! Bring some cans if you would like to participate!

Domestic Violence Awareness Spirit Day

-To raise awareness for Domestic Violence, we will be having a spirit day. Make sure to wear Purple!

Harvest Festival

-October 24th at lunch

-Come out, and support clubs and classes, lots of food and other various items will be sold!

-If your club still wants to sign up, make sure to email the Official CKM Lion email!

Sports Games!

Go to the Athletics Page to find out when upcoming games are!