The Future of Broadcast Journalism at McClatchy

It’s no secret that it’s been a challenge to keep the Prospector alive this year. First, the class was cut, and then students had to fight for funding. The class was only funded again after students got over 500 signatures and made a genuine effort to talk with the administration. It’s been a tough year for journalism, to say the least.
In a regular year, the Prospector aims to produce around one newspaper per quarter. This all depends on the number of staff writers and the number of articles that are turned in every week. Because the class isn’t at capacity, the newspapers are barely longer than a few pages. However, this year the newspaper has taken a different approach to many different mediums.
This year the Prospector published the first “Hallozine”–a fall themed mini magazine to display the artistic side of the writing staff. This publication style is quite a bit different than the usual newspaper, which encouraged the staff writers to step out of their comfort zone by writing poems, playlists, and articles on a specific holiday theme.
However, this year the Prospector plans on venturing beyond just a zine. The journalism class has just decided that they will be moving into broadcast journalism as the future of media changes. As newspapers all over dwindle in size, the journalism program hopes to move into video news in addition to the quarterly newspaper.

To read more, click here.

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